Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall in Indiana

Well I am ashamed that it has been two months since I have posted ANYTHING on my blog. And this is despite the Momcat asking me about when I'm going to post something pretty much every time I talk.

It's been a busy busy fall. Here are a few things that the N-boy and I have been up to:

Going to a hockey game.

Shopping at the Farmer's Market.

Raking leaves (the new house came with trees....and lots of leaves!)

Dressing up for Halloween as Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible.

Cooking (and eating) at Cooking Club. The N-boy was delegated to the "Man Club" for this. But he still got to eat!

We dog sat for an hour at work. Isn't he cute!

I attended a conference, and am graduating from a professional development program!

Our good friends got married! Yay!
So it's been busy. I've also gotten some crafting done, including the completion of the ever elusive baby quilt! I'm taking pictures of it tonight and will post pictures tomorrow! Woohoo for getting things off my UFO list! Of course, I keep thinking of new projects I want/need to start!

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