Friday, September 24, 2010

Finished for Friday: Not a Dishcloth

There's a running joke in the knitting group I'm part of, the Frog Pond, that the only thing I ever knit is dishcloths. What can I say, I do like my dishcloths! Actually though I think the main reason I've been drawn to them is that I make one pattern, I've memorized the pattern, and I can do it pretty mindlessy. If I put down the project for a few days or weeks or even months, I'm still able to pick it right back up again whenever it is that I get back to it. 

At our summer frolic, however, one of our most experienced members convinced me to try a scarf pattern from one of One Skein Wonders series.  It was cute. It was easy. It did not involve circular needles, double pointed needles, or scary decrease/increases. (We tried all of this and more with a baby sweater last summer. Fail is the only word that describes this.)

And perhaps the most exciting news..... it's finished! And so with a triumphant flourish I join Lit and Laundry for Finished for Friday with a finished scarf!

The excitement will continue as it turns out that I've now memorized this pattern and have even begun a second scarf! I took both projects to our club gathering on Wednesday night and was very proud to be showing my new skill of making Not a Dishcloth.

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