Monday, September 9, 2013

#goalsatchoice-Update #1

A quick update here from my first week doing #goalsatchoice with Coach Krissie from Committed Coaching. 

1. Self Care: Doing pretty good with my daily meditation with the Headspace app. 

2. Health: Work out plan is more or less on track for September. Only got in one day of yoga last week, but ran four times. I have fewer work obligations over lunch this week (when I go to yoga), so that should go better. 

3. Space: I remain constantly amazed at how much I can get picked up each night in just five minutes. I also remain amazed at the amount of mess I can manage to make each day considering I'm at work all day! 

4. Stretching: So of all my goals, this is the one that was (and still is!) the scariest for me. It's also been the one I've been super successful at during the first week! I've written letters, written emails, gone out to lunch with family and colleagues, skyped, gone to a new book club and gone bowling! And what do you know, I've actually had a GREAT time meeting new people. It's taken a lot of staring at to convince myself to sign up for things (the bowling and book club this last week), but I've had a nice time at both events. 

It's been great having Coach Krissie check in every couple of days, just to see how I'm doing and prompt me to think about how I can find solutions for any hurdles I run across. Excited to see how the rest of the month goes! 

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