Sunday, September 1, 2013


Happy September! In my mind today marks the official start of fall. And fall is my FAVORITE. I'm a bit nervous to see what it feels like here in San Francisco when the change of seasons is not as dramatic as in the midwest, but everyone has promised that there will be plenty of things pumpkin and apple flavored, including my friend the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I feel like I'm starting to settle into the city a little more, although of course I won't be fully settled until the N-boy and the cats join me, along with all of my stuff. And when I'm not subletting. But BESIDES all of that, I'm feeling pretty good! To keep the good going I'm super excited to be undertaking an accountability self challenge in September called #goalsatchoice with Coach Krissie at Committed Coaching.

I found Coach Krissie through one of my favorite blogs ever, Cassie at Back to Her Roots. Krissie has guest posted on Cassie's blog a few times and when she offered BTHR readers the opportunity to enter for a free discovery session I put my name in right away. And I was chosen! Woohoo!

I REALLY liked talking with Krissie on Skype about where I am in my life, and what small things I could change to make things even better. She really helped me lay out and understand that I've had a lot of very, very big changes in a pretty short amount of time (new job/promotion, selling the house, moving across the country, being apart from the N-boy and the kittens, writing a book). Although I've been trying to settle into a healthy and mindful routine here in SF, some days it's hard.

For #goalsatchoice I skyped again with Krissie to set four goals for the month of September, one in each of four areas: self-care, health, space and stretching. We have an adorable printable made by none other than Cassie herself, and Krissie will email/text/checkin with each person as we go through the month. A "perfect" score is only 25/30 days for each goal, so there's room for flexibility. My plan is to check in once a week here to share how it's been going.

1. Self-Care: 20 minute meditation every day through the Headspace app.

2. Health: Figure out a plan for each week that includes three days of running, two days of yoga, a bonus day, and a day to rest/plan for the next week.

3.Space: Spend five minutes picking up the apartment each night before I go to bed. A five minute Room Rescue ala Flylady.

4. Stretching: This isn't about the act of physically stretching, but about choosing something to do each day that's hard or that I'm a little bit scared of. For me, this is keeping in touch with friends and family while making new friends here in SF.

I was selected for the free discovery session with Coach Krissie through the entry on BTHR, but I'm doing #goalsatchoice with my own time, money, heart and soul. 

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