Monday, September 14, 2009

Operation Finish: Baby Quilt

For the rest of September, I am launching what my very own "Operation Finish" for my projects. I participated in Kim's Get it Finished in August and did complete my four candle mats. But I have many many more unfinished projects. Not as many as the Momcat (Hi, Mom!), but still, I'm too young to have so many unfinished projects.

So first up...the Amish Waves baby quilt.

This is a quilt that I started working on in February 2008 when I learned a friend from graduate school was pregnant. And now that same baby is over one year old. Oops.

I think the problem started when I chose the pattern of Amish Waves. I didn't want to make a traditional "baby" quilt, but instead of choosing something interesting yet not too hard, I had to choose the insane pattern where each 8 inch block has 48 tiny triangles around a big square. Really, the N-boy helped me choose this pattern so I blame him.

For a while I actually made pretty good progress-chose the pattern, chose the fabric, cut the triangles and started making blocks. Each full block (24 of them) took about two hours to make. Plus 16 half blocks. I actually did manage to get the top pieced before we left Silver Spring, MD to move to Indiana. And in Indiana I got it sandwiched and even got most of the in-the-ditch quilting done.

I love the scrappy look in this quilt. In addition to the fabrics that the N-boy and I selected, I also used scraps that belonged to my Grammy, who, alone with the Momcat, taught me how to quilt.

And then the N-boy got sick and everything fell apart this Spring and I didn't work on ANY projects for a long time. It was...un-fun to say the least. But now that he is doing much better and I'm in the new space it's time to get this puppy finished up and on the way to what is by now a very cute looking toddler.

I took the quilt in its current state to Quilt Guild last week and got some ideas for finishing it up. I'm going to quilt a square in the middle of each block center and then "piano keys" in the border. And then it just needs a binding, label and shipping box!

Goal: Finish quilt by 9:00 p.m. on Sunday!

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  1. It's going to be a beautiful quilt--I love all those bright colors set against the black. I hope your finish goes according to schedule!


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