Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting back to the blog...

Wow... I can't believe it has been so long since I have last posted. It's been very busy, moving into the new house, doing Fall Student Registration, and helping the N-boy get into his new routine for his fall schedule (which includes TA-ing!). 

I've also somehow ended up with a fairly busy social life and several groups of friends! It's not like I didn't have friends before, but when we've been moving around so frequently it's been hard to get too attached to anyone when I knew we'd just be moving on soon. But here I've managed to join: 
-a knitting club
- a quilt guild
-a book club
- a support group
- and now a brand new cooking club (inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia"
-and I'm taking a family education class through NAMI for the next 10 weeks. 
I'm not complaining-I really enjoy being busy and having lots of people to do things I like with, but it is busy. I've also got lots of projects and crafts going on, in addition to new things we'd like to do with the house. We're also working on re-organizing how we take care of household things given our new fall schedules. 
So, for today (and this is for you parents) we have pictures of the N-boy and I at closing:

A picture of me and our realtor at closing: 

And Norman the Penguin on our new Sink!!!
More to follow this week as I finish unpacking my craft room and get back to work on all of my projects!

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