Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hockey Night!

Christmas Break came to an end just like I like it... with blood and violence!!

I'm talking HOCKEY of course!

The family all went into Chicago to see the Fighting Irish (Go Irish!) compete in a two day Hockey tournament. 

My parents have always been huge hockey fans. They went to lots of games together when they were in graduate school, but didn't start attending again until just a few years ago. Then they started going to the University of Nebraska at Omaha games (Go Mavs!) and took the N-boy and I along with them. Since the N-boy grew up in Minnesota, a love of hockey is in his blood. BabyBrother, of course, has been brought into the hockey loving fold as well.

Daddo, Momcat and BabyBrother looking festive!

The Mavs (Mavericks) always have lots of cowbells at their games, and I have a very nice one with a picture of a bull and lots of sparkly ribbons in the team colors. The Irish also seem to be fond of cowbell, as they were handed out for free at one of the games the N-boy and I went to.

BabyBrother felt this was wrong, and stole my cowbell!

 Daddo and the N-boy show a fear of being seen in the same group as us, I think. 

Although really, Daddo has no room to talk. He always participates very flamboyantly when they play the YMCA song to embarrass BabyBrother. 

Way to go, Daddo!!!

And last, but not least, our beloved Irish!

Who won the tournament!


  1. Ah, Hockey - especially Hockey Night in Canada!!!

    I wanted you to know you I got your "Count Me in!" and you are officially entered into the Ten 'n Ten UFO Challenge. We can do this together - it is doable together. Thank you for joining!


  2. My husband was watching the world juniors and quite into that! I am not a hockey fan and use the time to knit or get caught up on other things.


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