Sunday, February 28, 2010

February wrap up

February Goals
1. Work out 16 times: Worked out 28 times!
2. Write 10 blog entries: Only 2 here....
3. Finish piecing Crown Jewel top
4. John Flynn Practice pieces
5. Write 4 Grandpa Letters and 4 Other letters: 2 Grandpa, 2 others
6. Read 5 books and track them on the log: Done done done!
7. Attend mass 2 times: 1 time done
8. Flylady February: Shine Sink and Declutter 15 minutes a Day: Sink went very well, decluttering, still working on it
9. Attend NAMI support group 2 times: attended 1 time
10. Decide on a paint color and look at bedroom sets: Not so much... DH has been hard to pin down to go do this!!!
11. Decide on garden location and size. Done!
12. Scrapbook 5 pages:
3 done

2010 Goals
1. Run a 5k
---Sunburst 5k on June 6??
2. Post 125 blog entries: 7 done
3. Piece the following projects:
-Mystery quilt
- Teacup quilt
- Challenge quilt 2
-Valentine's Day foundation piecing: Done!
-Over the Rainbow
-Six more projects!!!
4. Quilt the following projects:
-Cat practice panel
- Freddy's quilt
-Challenge quilt 1
-Valentine's Day quilt: Done!
-Teacup quilt
5. Write Grandpa 1 time a week, and write 52 other letters to people: Grandpa-3 Other-4
6. Keep a book log of books read (I've always wanted to do this. This is the year!!) Total Read in 2010: 14
7. Attend Mass/church 25 times: 3 times
8. Control Journal/Flylady
9 Attend NAMI support group 20 times: 3 Times
10. Redecorate one room in the house
11. Plant a garden
12. Scrapbook 50 pages: 14 done

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