Monday, March 8, 2010

27th Birthday Bash!

So I'm a bit behind, but the N-boy and I celebrated my 27th birthday back in February. This was a hard birthday for me this year, as it just reminded me that he was absent last year for that day. But we got through it and the N-boy went above and beyond to show me how much he loves me and to make sure I had a special b-day celebration!

First, he made me a cake shaped like a cupcake using the festive pan the parentals got me for the same birthday. 

So pink and festive!

His most thoughtful present was a hockey puck from the tournament we went to over Christmas break. He went to the Hockey office on campus and got them to give him the puck AND to have two of my star international students sign it!! 

It was a wonderful birthday, and best of all was that he was healthy and here to celebrate it with me this year!

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