Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scrapbooking with Jane!

Last Friday night Jane and I went scrapbooking at our local store. They have a crop every weekend on either Friday or Saturday night. If we keep this up, I might actually manage to finish my wedding album!!! 

Part of the deal is that we get snacks and drinks. 
Theresa, the shop owner, always seems to have one of my favorite sodas:

Jane's working on an album for her kitty-cats. It's a 8x8 album, and it's coming together beautifully!

This is one of my favorite pages that she's done so far. This is one of her kitties-Mr. Yellow. 

Here's one of the pages I got done. I finished five more! Woohoo!

Jane and I are all set to go again on April 30. 
It's lots of fun and it's nice to get away from our respective DHs, not that we don't love them!

The Momcat rolled in to town on Sunday and we drove down to Paducah, KY today. Tomorrow we start at the quilt show at 8:00 am! Pictures and adventures will be forthcoming!

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  1. I would love that Pepsi too! Looking forward to your Paducah report~ Life is Good!


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