Friday, February 3, 2012

Festive for Friday...Taking it Easy

Oh thank goodness it's Friday.

Festive! this week:

- The meds the doctor put me on for shingles seem to be working! Since I started them in the first 72 hours, it kept them from spreading, and the pain has been confined only to that area. I saw the doc again this morning and she seemed really happy.

-My shingles provided endless glee to my coworkers today with fodder for bad jokes about how I'd be going to a "shingle's bar" this weekend. Luckily they also provided me with donuts.

- I've already done my grocery shopping for the next week! Although that was largely out of desperation since I was completely out of milk which would have been a crisis come coffee time tomorrow morning.

- Since I went grocery shopping tonight, I went to the salad bar at the grocery store for dinner. Yummo!

Why yes, I am eating my salad while lying down. 

-Since then, I've been on my couch, with my salad, a cat and Lois the Kindle reading a new book that I checked out from the library: The Happiness Project. Which I had on hold and seems to have arrived at a good time since it's all about how to be happier and less stressed.

Picture taken in Salzburg, Austria a year ago. But still a festive shot of Lois. 

Less-than-festive! this week:

-Yeah so the shingles still really suck. I ended up going home at lunch time yesterday after wearing a camisole that wasn't loose (it wasn't tight, but wasn't billowy, either). I thought I was going to throw up from the pain. It was seriously awful.

- When I found swollen lymph nodes under my arm on Tuesday night, I had a total freak out. Like called my parents in the middle of night because I thought I had arm pit cancer freak out. My parents, the cancer researchers, were finally able to calm me down and then informed me there was no such thing. Of course then Daddo mentioned that you can have cancer in your lymph nodes. Fail.

-I'm frustrated because this is the most random disease ever. I had no idea that a three inch strip of skin could cause THIS much pain.

-I am SO sick of the timer going off on my phone every 4 hours and 45 minutes to remind me to take the antiviral. Again, I'm very grateful to have the drugs, but waking up in the middle of the night sucks.

-Waking up now is especially un-fun since the other medication makes me really dizzy. Which is why I only take it at night. But doc told me this morning she wants me on it for the full 60 days.

-While eating my delicious salad tonight, I managed to drop chopped broccoli down the inside of my shirt. Twice. This is what I get for eating a salad while laying down and balancing a cat and a kindle, trying to keep everything off of my side.

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