Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shingles suck.

So all of my regular readers (or all three members of my immediate family, that is) may have noted there was no Monday is for Muggles post yesterday. And that is because I spent yesterday going to the doctor and then researching frantically on the internet because I have shingles. Which means the happy little chicken pox virus that has been sitting dormant in my body since kindergarten has decided to come alive and make me sick. And the doctor said it is likely from stress causing my immune system to be run down.


And more stress entered my life yesterday when someone in the office quit. Effective immediately. Awesomeness continues.

I'd put a picture but no one needs to see the scary shingles rash (other than the people in my office that I made look at it, or the Momcat who I insisted on sending a iphone picture to). I guess I could put a picture of me clutching the medications I'm on now. Or a picture of my phone timer going off every 4 hours and 45 minutes to remind me to take the antiviral. Or a picture of me trying not to panic about when the pain will start, or hoping that we got me on the medications in time and are being aggressive enough to ward off the pain part.

Or a picture of the 17 items list I made last night with all of the things I can think of to reduce stress, since clearly that needs to be part of the plan.

Instead, I include a picture of one of my cats, because cats help reduce stress.

Yup, Friday the cat never causes stress. Ever. Except for when I'm sleeping and he pokes my head until I lift up the covers so he can snuggle in under my arm and I hold his paws in mine like he likes. 

So, goals for this week: Figure out how to reduce stress and take my drugs every time the timer goes off.

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  1. Oh no!!! Shingles really suck. I used to work in a nursing home and I know them well.

    How's the stress reduction going? I'm always influenced by music - here's a lot of relaxing music for $5. http://tinyurl.com/6lsjeh3

    Chamomile tea, soft purring cats, a good escapist movie...I wish you luck and comfort!


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