Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday weekend.

It was a busy weekend at our house; the N-boy had a birthday on Saturday and then the parentals stopped by for a short visit on their way back to Nebraska after visiting my grandpa in Ohio.

The N-boy decided he didn't want anything super crazy for his birthday this year, so instead we spent the day doing fun things together. First up was a trip to Garwood Orchards to pick apples! 

We went with Fujis, since they're good for both eating and baking. 

It should be noted that for once we showed GREAT restraint with the picking of the apples. We've gone apple picking several times now, and we (well maybe just I) have a tendency to get super excited about the actual picking process, but forget that we need to actually use all of the apples we pick. 

Not even a full 1/2 bushel! 

Birthday apple cider was also acquired.

On the way back home we were both a little hungry and stopped in downtown LaPorte to try and find something to eat. We turned a corner and walked right into this:

This slightly random fair went on for blocks and included food, vendor tents, classic cars and a cute little train that drove up and down the street for the kiddos. I did attempt to convince the N-boy that the fair was a celebration in honor of his birth. He didn't seem to fall for that. 

But he did accept a birthday bratwurst.  

I crashed on the couch with the cats when we arrived back at the house, getting a couple of hours of rest and reading in before the parents arrived and took us out to dinner. It was a good day, and I think overall a great birthday weekend for the N-boy!

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