Sunday, September 30, 2012

UFO Sunday-Christmas Tree Bargello

I'm really trying to work on my UFOs this fall; I had 7 flimsies sitting in my closet just waiting to be finished. All of them are completely pieced and just need quilting and binding. I finished one last week and can't show pictures of the whole thing yet, but here's a peek at my pebbling. I'm pretty proud for my first attempt!

Here's the one I pulled out for this week; it's a bargello Christmas tree that I made in a class when we first moved to Indiana. Four years ago. Oh well. I'd really like to have it done in time to hang up for Christmas this year (it's a large wall hanging).

I'm not entirely sure how to quilt it, especially since I'm still very much feeling my way into free motion quilting. I've been practicing, and I'm not afraid to try something new, but I'm still not sure what to do.

Possibly tree bark on the trunk? 

Occasional round ornaments on the tree, with different free motion patterns filling each one? 
Stars in the sky? 
Trace the holly in the borders? 

Suggestions are most dearly welcomed! 

UFO Sundays on the Free Motion Quilting Project


  1. Oh wow, this is pretty...I think I would do some stars or Christmas design in the beige background and holly design in the border. The tree...I could imagine some garland that goes around the tree with decorations hanging off but not sure how you would stitch that. Good luck with it.

  2. I think the tree would be cool to quilt it with feathers stacked in a tree shape! And yes, I like the idea of stars on the background! You could do loops connecting the stars! Let us see what you decide!

  3. I was thinking of loops or stipple connecting stars too for the background, and bark would be ultra-cool on the trunk. I just used Leah's "double sharp stippling" design (it's in the beginners level) for a small quilt where I wanted "leaves", and it was easy, and looked great! It's a gorgeous little quilt!

  4. I don't have any quilting ideas but I love your project and look forward to seeing what you choose to do!

  5. Your pebbling looks great. I'm not sure what I would do - I tend to default to swirly stuff in the background. There is a pine needle type filler pattern. I like the idea of garlands across the tree.

    Good project to finish up for the holidays!


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