Saturday, September 1, 2012

Salads and smoothies.

Yesterday the N-boy and I were both feeling rather blah about any of our potential at-home dinner options, but we didn't feel like going out either. We ended up combining a trip to the grocery store for groceries with a trip to the grocery store salad bar.

             Not particularly pretty, but tasty.    

We ate our salads while watching an episode of Firefly (we tend to work our way through the whole glorious season at least once a year). After salads the N-boy went into the kitchen and whipped up a couple of smoothies. 

These had: 
  • bananas (exciting grocery store discovery: we found bananas that were very ripe packaged together and very reduced in price. Since we were looking for bananas ONLY for use in smoothies so they were going into the freezer right away, this was great. 2.43 pounds of bananas for 70 cents!)
  • chocolate chips 
  • ice
  • coconut milk
  • oats
  • shredded coconut

Again, not pretty but tasty! 

After dinner the N-boy went up to work on his dissertation chapter on cholera and I watched Empire Records on Netflix and worked on a new sewing project.  A low key Friday night, but also a relaxing start to a three day weekend!


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