Monday, May 11, 2009

AQS Friday

Happy Monday everyone. It was a long day at work and I remember turning to a colleague this afternoon and saying, "I wish it was Friday already." Well since it's not Friday and won't be for a bit, we'll just think about AQS Friday instead.

Friday morning we had a class bright and early, so we got a great parking spot! Woohoo! The class was "Crown of Jewels" with Klaudeen Hansen. This is a paper piecing class. I'd taken a class on paper piecing before at the Jinny Beyer studio when I lived in DC, but the Momcat had never tried it before. I think paper piecing is one of those things that isn't necessarily difficult, but you do have to think about it. It's very easy to turn the piece you're working on the wrong way and cut off the wrong thing! It was fun to be able to show the Momcat a new technique.

After class we put our things back in the car (yay for having the car close by!!) and headed back in to see more of the vendors. You have to understand that there were just vendors EVERYWHERE!! We also finally took the time to look at all of the quilts on display. There were so many beautiful quilts! I really enjoyed looking at the larger wall quilts-especially those that are art quilts. They really did make me think about quilts and quilting in a new light, which was great for my whole inspirational/motivationa/mojo-ing experience.

On the way out of town that night we ended up back at Hancocks of Paducah's. We found some great pieces but this is probably not the best place to go when you're tired. It was pretty overwhelming and both Momcat and I were ready to get some rest. She pointed out that we should probably eat some dinner first, so we headed back in to Toucan for another meal. Can you tell we really liked it there? For dessert we split the yummiest key lime pie....It was a great way to end the day, and it was nice to have a bit of time to just sit and relax. I think Momcat was also quite happy to see me eating and almost enjoying the food as she'd been quite concerned since I'd lost some weight. So Momcat if you're reading this....thank you for feeding me!

Tomorrow I'll wrap up the AQS madness with Saturday's tale, which is good becuase if you're reading this I'd imagine you're tired of the AQS by now. Although how anyone could ever be tired of quilts, vendors, fabric and keylime pie is beyond me.

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