Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stack n Whack completed

I was planning on waiting to post this on Friday when Lit and Laundry hosts finished for Friday, but the Momcat keeps asking to see it! So just for you Momcat!

This is the finished top for the Stack'n'Whack quilt that the Momcat and I took the class from Bethany Reynolds at the AQS. I'm really very happy with how it turned out, as I was very nervous about the fabric selection. The main fabric is from Robert Kaufman's Simpatico line and is very different from what I usually choose. When I picked out this fabric I was very very angry due to the N-boy's health situation. I chose fabric that seemed angry and full of emotion to me. It's supposed to be an image of light reflacting from flowers, but everyone who looks at it sees something different like fire or lava or lightning or jellyfish (at least I saw jellyfish). The quilt isn't very big, but I think it will make a nice quilt for using on the couch while watching TV.

The thin orange line that's in the black border is actually cording. You can see it a little better here:

When I went to Erica's to get the cording and choose backing, I found it in a different color!! So of course I had to buy it even though I'm not supposed to be buying anything that isn't to finish up projects I've already started but I couldn't resist! Isn't it pretty!
I'm looking forward to making another stack'n'Whack with the new fabric, but I keep telling myslef I must finish some of the other projects first. I'm very excited to have finished at least the top of this project, and really think it has helped to give me my excitement and enthusiasm back. I've named the quilt, but I'm going to keep it a surprise until I finish the second one and can share both names together.

I'll finish up the AQS report tomorrow. Hope everyone out there in blogland is having a good week.

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