Saturday, May 23, 2009

Leavn' on a jet plane....

This will likely be my last post for a week or so, as I'm heading to LA for a conference tomorrow morning. The conference is the annual NAFSA conference for International Educators. I'm looking forward to my first national conference, and to re-connecting with the other people in the NAFSA academy with me.

It's been nice to have the N-boy home again, even if I did only get to see him for a few short days. Last night we had a nice dinner together and then he willingly came with me to JoAnn Fabrics!!! They were having a fairly decent sale for the holiday weekend, so I was able to pick up some Olfa rotary cutter blades that I needed as well as some more broadcloth for when I practice using my John Flynn Quilting frame. Simplicity patterns were also on sale so I chose a dress and a skirt pattern, and the N-boy picked out some fabric he liked for me to try making the dress with. We'll see how this goes.

Today we went to the huge yard sale at the Univeristy and found some nice clothes for super cheap, and some wood to use to build another cat stand. Then we may have accidently gone to see Star Trek. Again. Oh well. I also read the book The Lost Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini. I liked the book; it was fun historical fiction. But I think I like some of her other books better; the more contemporary ones that are actually set at Elm Creek or people attending camp there.

I've packed two new books for the trip, and some quilt magazines that I got from the library today. I also threw in my hand sewing project that the Momcat and I started at the Jinny Beyer Studio last May, as well as my knitting. It's going to be a long flight from Chicago to LA, so I want to make sure I have plenty to do.

Hopefully I'll come back with lots of new ideas and thoughts, not too tired, and with some great progress on those two projects!!!

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