Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Student Orientation....Over!!!

After a busy busy week full of 14 hours days and three days we literally stayed overnight at work to lead a new training program, my first August orientation is over! We have just a few more continuing orientation activities during the next few weeks, and of course we have to debrief and start planning for next year. Over all, things went ok. I don't think I'd call it great, but ok. Any problems we had were known only by the staff, not by the new students or their parents, which is definitely good. 

Our brand new student leadership program went GREAT though, and I'm so proud of our students!

Next year we will have an entirely new plan, timeline and alloted space so we are hoping that by beginning to plan now things will be MUCH improved. 
I haven't gotten a whole lot done on the home/crafting front. I did manage to finish all four of my Christmas Candle Mats this weekend, thus completing one of my Get in Done in August projects. Woohoo! Otherwise, it's been nice to just sleep and lay around and read and otherwise relax!

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