Thursday, May 13, 2010

Madison, WI and the Cutest Baby in the World

A non-crafty blog entry again today, but we do have pictures of the current most cutest baby in the world. Really, given the baby bug that has bit me, I should be applauded for not having EVERY blog entry chock full of adorable baby pictures. Of course, I think if I blogged only about other peoples babies it would be a little creepy. 

But a few occasional babies seem ok to me!

Last weekend the N-boy and I went to Madison to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. The big day isn't actually until May 26, but last weekend was the only time when the planets aligned and we were both able to get away at the same time. Madison is a special city to as, as the N-boy lived there when we were dating, and we got engaged there. That means when we visit, we also get to see friends. Reproducing friends! 

This is the latest baby in my Cutest Baby Collection: he's just six months old: 

I think this pictures shows what I'll be getting into when we finally pop a child of our own. 

We stayed at a bed and breakfast called The Arbor House, which is located right across fro the Arboretum, and is on the bike trail. 

They're an ecologically friendly inn, with the BEST home cooked breakfast on the weekends, wine and snacks and dessert each night. They have a sauna, a full kitchen for guest use, whirlpool tubs and Burt's Bee's shampoo! 

We are definitely planning a return trip there, and maybe even before anniversary number five!

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