Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May already?

How is it possible that it's already May?? The year has gone by so fast. I thought I'd take a moment to review where I am with the goals I'd laid out in January. I apologize if this isn't the most interesting blog, but it helps to keep me accountable!

1. Run a 5k
    ---Sunburst 5k on June 6??
I had been doing really well with getting exercise in, but have fallen behind since I returned from Paduch. I need to step this up a bit!

2. Post 125 blog entries
Hmmm.... well I've got 22 done. So not too bad, but I look forward to doing more in the coming months. 

3. Piece the following projects:
  -Mystery quilt
  - Teacup quilt
  - Challenge quilt 2
  -Valentine's Day foundation piecing Done!
  -Over the Rainbow
  -Six more projects!!!

4. Quilt the following projects:
  -Cat practice panel
  - Freddy's quilt
  -Challenge quilt 1
  -Valentine's Day quilt Done!
  -Teacup quilt

5. Write Grandpa 1 time a week, and write 52 other letters to people
Hmmm doing only so-so here. I need to get back on track, especially with writing letters to Grandpa. 

6. Keep a book log of books read (I've always wanted to do this. This is the year!!)
-Was a bit behind on this, but now I'm all caught up. I've read 31 books this year so far!

7. Attend Mass/church 25 times
-Was doing pretty well on this, especially around Easter. Need to try to get to more services!

8. Control Journal/Flylady
-Getting there with babysteps!

9 Attend NAMI support group 20 times
-I haven't been going as much lately, but I've been getting the support I need from other sources, such as friends, family and work!

10. Redecorate one room in the house
-We've chosen colors to paint the bedroom, and have decided on the furniture we'll get for it! So we're moving forward!

11. Plant a garden
-The plot is put in, and we bought seeds today! Now we just need to wait to May 15 so we can plant! 

12. Scrapbook 50 pages
--20 done so far! And I'm going to a crop again Friday night.  I may actually finish the wedding album!

Overall, I think I've done ok. Some things (like scrapbooking), I've made more progress on this year than ever before. Some things I need to keep chugging away at with baby steps and consistency. Here's to a productive rest of May for me!

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