Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scrapbooking with Jane...again!

Jane and I went scrapbooking again last night, and again were super productive. 

We'd ordered pizza the last couple of times we were here, so this time we decided to be healthy and get take out salads from the salad bar at the grocery store on the way there. 


It was a pretty full house last night, and one of the women showed me a new product that I'd never seen before: the Snapload system from Pioneer. 

The instructions aren't particularly clear, so luckily I she helped me set it up. 

Basically, this system replaces the posts (and the post extensions) in post bound scrapbooks in a way that allowed you to MUCH more easily add, take out and re-arrange pages. You put 3M holders on each side of the scrapbook, and then use the binding thingy (which are just similar to zip ties) to go through the pages in the holes, tighten the pages together, and then snap into place. 

I'd been wanted to add some more pages to the wedding scrapbook, so I could include pictures of the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon, but hadn't yet because I'd dreaded messing around with the posts. Now I can add pages whenever I want without anxiety. 

Here are the five pages I got done last night:

The N-boy and I right before the ceremony. 

The Gerth Family!

Some pictures of my dress, shoes and flowers.

The N-boy and I with our best-woman and maid of honor. 

And my FAVORITE picture of last night!

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