Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farmer's Market Bounty, Freezer Cooking and A Get it Done Challenge!

I had a very busy and unusually productive weekend, getting lots done on multiple fronts: cooking, crafting, housework and packing for the move!

The N-boy and I ventured to the Farmer's Market as usual on Saturday. We've gotten very efficient inside as we have our favorite vendors for different products, make a list before hand, and try to get there earlier, as to avoid the crowds.

This week included blueberries, eggplant and heritage carrots!

Every time we look at the carrots we both hear in our head the Chairman from Iron Chef America announcing "Carrots!" as the secret ingredient during the carrot episode. If you don't know what I'm talking about you should check out Iron Chef America for free on fancast.com. Seriously-one of my favorite shows ever!

One thing that the N-boy are working on for this fall is planning/working ahead as much as possible, as to reduce stress during a very busy time of year. So when it's my week to cook, I've been trying to cook extra to add to the freezer.

On Sunday I may have gone a little overboard, cooking a chicken pot pie casserole and a beef burgundy stew, plus cooking up 3 cups of diced chicken for use in things like tacos.

I used the Freezer Cookbook for both of these recipes on the Organized Home website. The woman who runs this website CEO, is the same woman who has the wonderful Organized Christmas website. Check them both out if you have a chance!

Finally, I'm joining Kim over at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for her challenge to "Get It Done in August!" She's challenging us to get as many projects finished this month as possible! I'm in, as I think I need a good kick in the rear to get going on some (many) of my unfinished projects!

Here's my list (as of today). I reserve the right to add to this list as I remember/unearth more projects that I've forgotten about.

1. Four Christmas table mats -sandwich, quilt and bind
2. Amish Waves baby quilt-Finish quilting, bind and send to baby (Note to self-it's time to get this done and stop worrying about making it perfect.)
3. Crown of Jewels-Piece top
4. Paper pieced heart wall hanging-Finish piecing top, quilt, bind
5. Tutti Frutti- Lay out and piece top
6. Cut and sew first step and second step for mystery quilt-Because starting another new project is a good idea

So far I've worked on the Christmas table mats-here's a picture of one of them with the quilting half done.

I actually finished up the quilting on it last night, but forgot to take a picture!


  1. don't worry about having too much food, i'll eat it all for you

  2. I love the produce photo. The heritage carrots like so good!
    You have been busy! I wish we lived closer - it would be fun to do the things we like together. Today we made relish and marmalade. We are done for the evening. It feels good to make things in the kitchen together with my crew.


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