Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Weekend in Nebraska

Last Wednesday I headed over to Lincoln, Nebraska to visit the Nebraska Service Center as part of their open house through NAFSA: Association for International Education. For those of you who are not in tune with all of the fun workings of the immigration system in the United States, the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) is one of four service centers in the country that processes immigration applications. It's where we send our applications for students applying for a work permit following the completion of their studies. Anyway, it was super cool in this very-nerdy-I-heart-International-Education way. We got to meet the director of the NSC, hear about some new things coming out, have a long discussion with some of the supervisors and get a tour of the facility. It was a great trip, and even better that work flew me out there for professional development!

One of the main reasons that I was able to go is that my parents still live in Omaha, therefore I had a free place to sleep and a promise of food and water. So on Thursday, the Momcat and I drove down to Lincoln for the NSC open house. While I attended that, she went to some stores and antique shops. After lunch at a local microbrewery, we started headed back up to Omaha, stopping at a quilt store and some antique stores along the way. I purchased a few pieces of fabric, but what I really wanted was this
Giant Metal Rooster.

Who wouldn't want this?

The Momcat and I spent a lot of time going through stuff in my room, which still had a lot of things from my childhood. We ended up with about 3 bags of trash, and 6 bags to take to Goodwill to bless someone else. It felt really good to sort out all of my stuff.

After all that hard work, we spent Friday shopping and then going to Archiver's for ScrapMania!

Momcat worked on her album from our trip to Paducah,

and I worked on our wedding album.

We had a great time!

On Saturday we spent some time with Daddo, worked on some secret projects for my Advent Swap Partner, and looked to see what furniture/stuff I may want to take to our new house! Daddo wisely hid in his office during much of this process.

So thanks, parents, for a great weekend! It was fun to see them both, and great to work on projects with the Momcat. A good way to get into August, which promises to be a CRAZY month at work!

While I was gone, the N-boy went to the Farmer's Market and even took a picture of the bounty on his phone! Yummy fresh and local food!

One last shout out for the day-Happy 21st Birthday BabyBrother! It doesn't matter how old you get, you'll still be my IckleBabykins!


  1. What a fun trip. Such a bonus to get to visit with your parents after work is done.

    To answer your question 2 quilt groups and 2 knit groups. I started out in MI, so I still keep in touch with that quilt group and go to their retreats and of course River Bend. The knit groups are JJ&J and SouthBend Knitworks. Unfortunately they both get together on Wed nights so I have to migrate from one to the other.

  2. What a fun trip you had! I would so be into the NSC just cuz things like that interest me! And all the fun you had with your family! How wonderful! Love that rooster!! I want one!


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