Saturday, April 14, 2012

Festive for Friday...errrr Saturday...

Festive for Friday comes a day late this week, as I was out of town for a work meeting on Thursday and Friday. And since Festive for Saturday lacks that alluring alliteration, we'll just run with the Friday theme.

Two festive events to report on this muggy and steamy day.

1. I PR'd my 5k time with 31:14! Woohoo! This was one of my goals for 2012, so I'm super excited about this! After the race we went out to eat at a new breakfast joint, Macadoo's, which is the self proclaimed "Biscuits and Gravy Outlet."  And you should ignore how hot and sweaty we both look. We're healthy and festive. And about to go enjoy a blueberry cheesecake pancake with blueberry syrup!

2. After dinner with friends, I went to the grocery store where I found the below on sale. And I said, "self, you ran a race today with 10 minute miles. You can most definitely get a box of generic Lucky Charms." And so I did.

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