Monday, April 16, 2012

Mondays are for Muggles

So...awesome weekend. I'm super proud of getting that PR for the 5k on Saturday. And for limiting myself to only one bowl of marshmellowy deliciousness this morning.

It's a BUSY week for me. Work is ramping up like crazy. We head to Paducah in just over a week. I still haven't finished the Challenge Quilt for this year. And I'm hoping to be doing another craft fair on Saturday at the Great Cloth Diaper Change at Concord Mall in Elkhart. The Momcat and I were contacted through the the Michiana Team we joined with our Etsy Shop, as they are looking for vendors who support a green lifestyle. Although most of what we've been focusing on is not baby related (although the Momcat is whipping up a few flannel baby items), fabric bowls, table runners, vases and napkins most definitely support a green lifestyle! So I'm sending in our information today and keeping my fingers crossed that it works out!

In the meantime, may I present the recap from last week and the goals for this week:

LAST week:
- Work out two times [completed 1/2]
- Run 5k on Saturday! Try and PR! [Rocked this.]
- Inventory and organize items from the craft fair [Major fail]
- Post three items on our Etsy Shop [And again a fail]
- Finish Bel Canto for book club [Done! Book club is tomorrow!]
- Three blog posts [Done here, here and here!]
- Two items of correspondence off my never ending and ever growing list [1/2]

THIS week: 
- Work out four times
- Submit materials for craft fair on Saturday
- Inventory and organize items from craft fair
- Three blog posts (including this one)
- Two items of correspondence
- Finish prepping for our Paducah trip!
- Host book club on Monday night

And I leave you with this festive image. I can't believe it's almost time for our trip again! Happy Monday everyone! 

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