Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Google + Family Hangout

One of the hardest things about the N-boy being overseas this year is not having him around to talk to whenever I need someone to bounce ideas off of. And while I can call his cell phone through Skype, that pesky nine hour time difference keeps getting in the way. Especially when I hope those moments where I need to, as Daddo would say, "grab hold of the reins, Laura." Not that that EVER happens of course.

Thank goodness for the invention of the Google+ hangout.

Because your family may not be your husband, and they may not be in the same state, but gosh darn it they're awfully supportive and helpful most of the time. Gold star, family, gold star. 

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  1. I love Google hangout too! In one of my knitting groups (there were 13 of us) Only 4 still live in the area. We've been getting together via Hangouts to knit and it's great.


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