Monday, April 9, 2012

Mondays are for Muggles...Hop hop hippity hop

It was a fabulous Easter weekend, and I am very sorry to see it over. Here are the highlights:

- I visited my aunt, uncle, cousin, his wife and their awesome children, plus five dogs, two cats, two tanks of fish and a very unwilling toad. Which meant that there was lots of this...

- I got to stay in "my room" at my aunt and uncle's house...

- I had a SUPER amazing time at the craft fair for Prairie Sewn Companion. Although I only sold a total of three items over the weekend, I had so much fun and made some great connections! 

 -How can any weekend that includes these two faces not be absolutely fabulous...

Let's do a quick recap of last week before setting up this week's goals.

LAST Week:
- Work out five times [three out of five]
- List five new items in our Etsy shop [two out of five]
- Prep for the craft fair on Saturday [finished!]
- Finish Bel Canto for book club [not quite done]
- Four blog posts [three out of four]
-Start a running list of correspondence and cross off two items [made the list, but didn't cross off any items]
- Shine my sink each night [of the four nights I was home, I'd say two out of four]

THIS week:
- Work out two times
- Run 5k on Saturday! Try and PR!
- Inventory and organize items from the craft fair
- Post three items on our Etsy shop
- Finish Bel Canto for book club
- Three blog posts
- Two items of correspondence off my never ending and ever growing list

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