Friday, June 26, 2009

Finished for Friday!

Lit and Laundry

This week I'm joining threeundertwo at Lit and Laundry for "Finished for Friday" again. Celebrating the fact that I did indeed manage to get something finished for this week! I feel like I have so many (too many) projects going on right now, so it felt super good to finish something.

This week's finish is the scarf I made for the Momcat for Christmas. Last Christmas. I'd finished up the knitting before, but hadn't gotten around to sewing the ends in. I'd actually put the whole thing, needles and all, into a gift bag and presented it under the tree last year. Last night, while watching This Old House on PBS I sewed in the yarn ends for each little stripey section. I find it particularly satisfying that I finished a Christmas present (even a belated one) on Rudy Day, celebrated in the 25th of each month and led by CEO at Organized Christmas. Now if I can just get ahead on this coming Christmas... Merry Christmas Momcat!


  1. Happy Rudolph Day! I used to be over on the Organized Christmas boards too, but I was getting spread too thin. We celebrate at my house too.

    Congratulations on the finish and I hope you join in on many more Finished For Fridays. Doesn't it feel great? (Although I'm still the queen of unfinished projects.)

  2. niiiiiice. i would say make me a scarf, but california weather doesn't seem very, scarfy.

  3. Threeundertwo~the Organized Christmas board is how I first found your blog! In fact there was a post wishing you a Happy Birthday last week there.

    Did you participate in the Halloween card exchange last year? I seem to remember you did. I did too-my name there is Liubochka.

  4. This scenario sounds so like me. Give an almost finished gift. Great finish.

    I have lots of projects started too. Hoping to get something finished for next week.

  5. Beautiful and soft looking! Congratulations! on your finish.


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