Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taste of Chicago

Another busy weekend here in Indianaland. Saturday morning started out with a bicycle trip to the farmer's market, where a wide variety of yummy things were purchased. This week haul included swiss cheese, steak, veal bratwurst, chicken-apple sausages, peas in the shell, rhubarb, coffee, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash. Yum!Saturday afternoon and evening the N-boy and I went to the Taste of Chicago festival as trip leaders for some of our international students. I'd never been before, but BabyBrother had attended last year and gave us some great reccommendations for things to try. For those who don't know, Taste of Chicago is a giant food festival held in Chicago each summer. Admission is free, and then you buy tickets that are then used to get food at the booths. Different foods cost different amounts, and there are "taste of" options at all of the booths too. The "taste of" options are either smaller portions of some of the regular items, or special items that are cheaper. It was pretty crowded there, and hot too. We made sure to drink plenty of water and gatorade and rest in the shade, but we saw many people being taken for medical attention.One of the items BabyBrother reccommended was corn roasted in the husk from Dominicks. Please note the presene of my new favorite pink hat and the nifty retro sunglasses they gave as the favors at the 50's themed all-staff picnic a few weeks ago. The hat came from the NAFSA conference in L.A. and it says "All we do is work." I love it!The N-boy and I had a good time together at the festival. He lived and went to school in Chicago for a while (long, long ago), so he always enjoys going back to his old haunts. It was nice to spend time doing something fun, and to get out of town for a short trip.

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