Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First bike ride...and a panda!

Yesterday was my first adventure in riding my cute new bike to work and back. I'm proud to say that it went very well and most importantly...I didn't crash into anything! After my crash into the fence on Sunday (which has left a nice sized bruise that is slowly turning this lovely shade of green and yellow), I was concerned that my biking future was cursed. But it actually went very well. The N-boy very kindly biked up to work with me, and then met me to bike home just to make sure I was comfortable and didn't have any problems. I didn't ride the bike today, as I have to go pick up refreshments for a meeting over lunch. And somehow I didn't think that balancing a large tray of baklava on the back of my bike was a good idea. International educations need to be fed at meetings, so this baklava is an item of utmost importance.

I don't have any relevant pictures to share today. I did go to the knitting group and started a new project. I've moved up in the world to attempting a dishtowel instead of a dishcloth. Although I'm using the same pattern and just making it bigger, so that might be considered cheating. But I'm counting it! So instead, here is a cute panda bear from our Spring Break Trip to Washington, DC. Our students loved the zoo (and it was free!). Even though I lived in DC for over a year, I never did make it to the zoo so I was happy to have the opportunity. Mr. (Mrs?) Panda is eating a Popsicle made of apple juice and bits of fruit. Yum!

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