Sunday, June 7, 2009

Name that Bike!!

The N-boy and I had a very full and busy weekend! On Saturday we went to cheer on a friend as she set off to walk in the half marathon starting at 7:30. An early start, but DH had been bright eyed and bushy tailed (as the Momcat would say it!) since 6:00, so at least I got coffee in bed before heading out the door. Afterward we headed down to the Farmer's Market for some breakfast at the diner inside and to get sweet corn and bacon! The market here is really well established, and we really enjoy going. This week was even more fun because part of the route for the marathon runner was on the path we walk to the market, so we got to see and cheer them on, too.

Then.... we went to find me a new-to-me bike! The N-boy LOVES to bike. He goes out and does crazy long rides and runs around in construction dirt areas and basically acts like a little 12 year old boy. Sometime I'd got with him for nice, leisurely rides on the smooth, relatively flat bike path that runs behind our apartment. Much more my style. But the bikes I'd been riding were both hand me downs-one from my BabyBrother and one from the N-boy. Needless to say, neither of them fit me well. So the N-boy suggeted we stop by the local bike shop to see what they had in used bikes. He seemed to have a firm idea in mind of what he thought I'd like, even though I was skeptical.
Here she is! I know she's a "she" but I'm still working on the name. So far my favorites are Bianca and Jeanie. The bike's a robin egg blue-ish in color, with cute little fenders. the N-boy spent part of his day today getting some of the rust off with steel wool, and shining her up. This is very similar to the bike I had as a child, where you have to push backwards on the pedals to stop. I've only crashed once so far by forgetting this. Luckily that was into a fence, and NOT the fence alone the waterway we were riding on!

In addition to the basket, the one other thing I really wanted was a bell. And this one was perfect!I'm going to try biking to work on her, maybe not everyday, but when its nice and sunny outside. We went on two practice rides this weekend to make sure I knew how to go, but it's supposed to be very rainy and thunderstormy tomorrow so I'll probably have to wait until Tuesday to try it out. Needless to say, with all of the biking and walking and other random weekend stuff, I did not get very much done on my challenge quilt. I'll try and get more done this week, though, while I have the chance to pull ahead!

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