Friday, January 6, 2012

Festive for Friday

Welcome to Friday! And a new series on the blog where I share some Festive (and ok maybe not-so-fesitve) happenings for the week.

But first...the backstory on the button image. The kitty (grown up cat, I suppose, but he'll always be my kitten) is named Friday. My Brother-in-Law named him that when we adopted him on Black Friday in 2008. He was the last of his litter to be adopted from the shelter because no one wanted a black cat! How silly is that. And he has the cutest little white socks and little white mittens. I digress...And festive is my favorite word EVER! I use it all the time. Seriously all the time. And thus Festive for Friday was born (because I'm clever like that!)


  • It's Friday! This first week back to work after a week of vacation and a week of holiday was un-festive, so today actually BEING Friday means an extra dose of happiness today. 
  • I figured out how to borrow books on my Kindle from our local public library. And the cherry on top is that it was super easy. 
  • The snow is melting and it was 48 degrees today. In January. Amazing. 
  • We're going to a new restaurant tomorrow night for a double birthday celebration. It's a rib shack, so not only do I get to eat lots of meat, but I also get to cross something off my list
  • I made an awesome two page to do list for the weekend. Which is festive since I LOVE making to do lists. 
  • Friday the kitten has been snuggling with me on the couch all night. And he's even stayed on his own couch cushion instead of doing his "I think I'm really a dog so I must climb onto your chest and do three full circles before I sit down and impede your typing" schtick. Which sounds cute, that little cat can somehow occupy a lot of space and has very pokey paws. 
  • I have a cold. I'm super whiny when I'm sick, so it's probably good that the N-boy is out of the country and doesn't have to put up with me. 
  • I've missed out on some fun social activities this week because I've been sick. I have, however, seemed to learn after almost 29 years that the best thing I can do when I'm sick is to rest and take care of myself. I think the Momcat is very happy that I've finally listened to her and learned this lesson. 
  • I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to sync contacts from my iphone Audrey to icloud. It is driving me nuts!
  • My to do list is two pages long. Yes this is both festive and less-than-festive. I have a tendency to make exceedingly long and ridiculous to do lists and then feeling like a failure when I don't finish everything on it. Oh well. 
Here's to a festive weekend for all!

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