Monday, January 9, 2012

Mondays are for Muggles

Mondays are not my friend. Personally, I think anyone who DOES like Mondays need a sharp poke in the side to make them see reason. For me, Monday doesn't only signal the beginning of the work week (highly less-than-festive) but it also reminds me of all the mundane things I need to do. Like pay bills. Wash clothes. Cook food. Blargh, as BabyBrother would say. 

Thus I launch "Mondays are for Muggles" (can you tell I'm in a theme mood lately?). Which is basically where I recap what shit I did manage to get done last week, and what the overly-enthusiastic-and-less-than-realistic plan for this week is. The mundane, the magical, the muggly. Yes, muggly is a word. 

First, brief recap of last week. 

  1. Continue working on organizing my studio space.  Pretty much done! Organization FTW!
  2. Run 10 miles-- HA! I am STILL sick. I know some people say it's safe (and even good) to exercise when you're sick. But since I'm the biggest whiner and wimp when it comes to being sick, I abstain. Really though, since I have a history of little colds turning to sinus infections or bronchitis, I do try and take it easy when I'm sick.
  3. Start book club book 11/22/63--And I finished the book too! When I'm sick, reading helps me rest so I've done a LOT of it in the past week. 
  4. Write Grandpa M and Grandma O
  5. Paint my nails
  6. Post 3x here--Two out of three. I'll count this as half done. 
  7. Post one time on Prairie Sewn Companion--Hardcore fail. 
  8. Prepare baby quilt for quilting--Ha. But I did find all the pieces for the quilt, which I think should count towards something. 
  9. Start knitted dishcloth--Blargh.
  10. Prepare business plan with Momcat--So I'm counting this as a finish (and now Mom is reading this and asking herself if she missed something this week). I've written out a bunch of things about this from my perspective. I also managed to get our EIN and sales tax license this week. So I really did make business organization progress. The Momcat arrives back again on the 17th, and I've promised her a fun-filled week of business talk!
FINAL SCORE: 5.5/10 

Ok, so not awful for being deathly ill. Or at least mildly ill. 

This week I wil attempt to:
  1. Blog 3 times here.
  2. Prep baby quilt for quilting. 
  3. Prep Etsy listings for Prairie Sewn Companion.
  4. Write Grandpa.
  5. Repaint nails.
  6. Run. Even just once. 
  7. Start quilting baby quilt. 
  8. Blog once on Prairie Sewn Companion. 
  9. Start knitted dishcloth.
  10. GET HEALTHY.  

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