Monday, January 23, 2012

Mondays are for Muggles

Welcome again to Monday. The day where I take stock of my to do list from last week, and lay out a plan for the new week. Although Mondays are not my favorite day since the weekend is now over, I do LOVE having the chance to start fresh with my lists and plans!
  1. Blog 3 times here: and again I got two...ok then...
  2. Start quilting baby quilt
  3. Finish quilting baby quilt
  4. Run two times
  5. Write Grandpa
  6. Work on items for Prairie Sewn Companion: Ok Momcat and I rocked this one. 
  7. Make business plan with Momcat: Ok, well we talked about it. Some.
  8. Paint nails
  9. Knitted dishcloth
  10. Fleece tie blanket

Sooo FINAL SCORE: 3/10 

Obviously not ideal. But it ended up being a busier week than expected with the parentals here. I've also been fighting some crazy fatigue. I'm hoping that it's just from my schedule being off and not getting enough exercise, and not something more. So I"ll try and get some extra sleep and exercise and repeat my newest mantra: "Do not go and google fatigue on Web MD or you will again convince yourself you have a rate and terminal illness."

Up for this week:

  1. Go to spinning class 2 times
  2. Go for 1 run
  3. Start quilting baby quilt
  4. Write Grandpa
  5. Paint nails
  6. Sew two fabric bowls
  7. Finish 5 composition notebooks
  8. Bake gingerbread for book club
  9. Fleece tie blanket
  10. Knitted dishcloth

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