Friday, January 13, 2012

Festive for Friday...Snowfall

Hello friends and welcome to another Festive for Friday. The day where we thank our lucky stars we made it to the end of the week and celebrate all of the festive (and the less-than-festive) happenings of the week. 

  • I'm on antibiotics! Turns out my whining about being sick wasn't completely unjustified, as I have a sinus infection and an ear infection. My doctor even prescribed my favorite antibiotics! (Yes, I have a favorite. I'm allergic to penicillin so the Zpac and I are best friends when I'm sick.)  
  • Antibiotics also mean I'm feeling better, although not 100%. I've been dragging all week, and while I've enjoyed watching a million episodes of Pawn Stars on Netflix, I have other things I'm looking forward to working on this weekend. 
  • After missing two and a half days of work, I managed to be SUPER productive today. Which is good because the student's come back next week. 
  • My parents got us a programmable thermostat for Christmas, and then I made Daddo install it before they left. So now, when I get up in the morning or come home from work the house is already warm and toasty! 
  • I've consumed a copious number of bagels this week. When I'm sick, I don't want to eat anything. This has always been a problem-to the point where they threatened to hospitalize me when I had mono because I lost so much weight. So the rule is, when I'm sick, I get to eat whatever I want as long as I eat something. So bagels it is this week.  (Past favorites have been potato soup, fudgesicles and Chinese food). 
  • So that snow that melted away last week...well it's back. I'd guess we're at about 10 inches now with 1-2 more to come overnight. 
  • I'm still sick. Yes, I'm feeling better. But I would really just like to be totally healthy. 
  • A cat threw up. And I stepped in it. Eww. 
Wishing a festive weekend to all!


  1. Oh, cat barf! Totally not-festive!

  2. The real question is - were you barefoot or wearing socks? Because cat barf on socks is almost worse. Awful either way, I know.

    So sorry you've been sick but YAY for good drugs!


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