Monday, January 16, 2012

Mondays are for Muggles

And the recap for the last muggly week: 
  1. Blog 3 times here: Two out of three works for me. 
  2. Prep baby quilt for quilting
  3. Prep Etsy listings for Prairie Sewn Companion: Woohoo! I'm going to work with the Momcat when she's here this next week to see if we're ready to go live!!!
  4. Write Grandpa
  5. Repaint nails
  6. Run. Even just once
  7. Start quilting baby quilt
  8. Blog once on Prairie Sewn Companion
  9. Start knitted dishcloth
  10. GET HEALTHY: I think we're more or less there. I'm still a little sniffy, but sleep and medications have done wonders. 
Yes, I do keep score.

For this week: 
  1. Blog 3 times here
  2. Start quilting baby quilt
  3. Finish quilting baby quilt
  4. Run two times
  5. Write Grandpa
  6. Work on items for Prairie Sewn Companion
  7. Make business plan with the Momcat!
  8. Paint nails
  9. Knitted dishcloth
  10. Fleece tie blanket
Muggly thoughts: Being sick has made me feel totally unproductive. Ugh. But now that I'm definitely feeling better (at least when I keep taking the sudafed), I'm hoping to ramp things up for the rest of January. The parentals are here for a week again starting tomorrow and I'm looking forward to getting things done! (Note they are slightly less enthused about my new ability to write color coded check lists for them to accomplish while I am at work.)

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