Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh hai 2012...Oh hai...

I haven't blogged here on almost a whole year. And not really for any good reason, either. But I suppose this is my blog and I can do what I want to!

Some of you (or at least the devoted members of my immediate family and kind and loving friends who visited me at the Craft Fair) know that I'm working on starting an Etsy store with the MomCat: Prairie Sewn Companion. I've blogged a couple of times on our new blog, but I've felt weird talking about the random and yet festive things there, so I'm going to give this one a try too. And use that one for things about our business! Or something like that. It's my Etsy business so I can do what I want to! (Maybe that should be the motto for the year: "It's my life so I can do what I want to." Not an awful motto, actually.

I hate New Year's Eve. Staying up to midnight is never a reason to celebrate in my book. But I LOVE New Year's Day. I love making lists of goals/resolutions/projects/wishful thinking ideas/household chores. Love love love. I ran across this web app a few weeks ago and started building my 2012 list. I've changed things a ton of times on it, but finally settled on the final items last night while I was desperately trying to stay awake until midnight. Now that my list is locked I have 366 days to get everything done. Yes....good realistic plan.

 I have no illusions that anyone else on the inter webs have any interest in reading my list of 101 lofty ambitions, so I'm not going to put the whole list here. But should you REALLY have nothing else to do, it can be seen on my page.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few things I'm hoping to accomplish this week:

  1. Continue working on organizing my studio space. 
  2. Run 10 miles.
  3. Start book club book 11/22/63. 
  4. Write Grandpa M and Grandma O.
  5. Paint my nails.
  6. Post 3x here.
  7. Post 1x on Prairie Sewn Companion. 
  8. Finish prepping baby quilt for quilting. 
  9. Start a knitted dishcloth.
  10. Write a business plan with Momcat.
Hopefully I'll get other things done this week too. Like eating. An showering. And maybe washing my sheets. But doing some of these would be a good start to my new year. 

And to leave you with a festive picture, taking from my visit with the parentals to our relative in Fort Wayne. 

I call it "And the Adults are more Fascinated that the Children by the new Cotton Candy Maker."

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