Thursday, June 14, 2012

Social new frontier.

So I went to a conference for work two weeks ago where two of the sessions I attended were about using social media in international education. And they were amazing. I came back home with SO many ideas on how we can incorporate various types of social media into our office. I've literally been buzzing about them to every poor soul who makes the mistake of wandering into my glass walled cubicle. I seriously pulled up my Pinterest account to show off my "Flamingos are Festive" board in a meeting today to try and demonstrate the untapped potential that exists within the expanding world of social media.

Feel sorry for my coworkers.  

But in addition to that I'm just learning how much fun it is on a personal level. Last night, for example, I participated in a Twitter Party hosted by Tina of Carrots'n'Cake, one of the healthy living blogs I read. It was all about the new OikosFroYo. I love froyo. I love her blog. And I now love Twitter. So to me, this was super fun. I got to follow along and respond, working on other projects in other windows. 

I've used Facebook since it first came out , but now I'm getting comfortable with Twitter, too. I feel excited and relaxed and looking forward to finding more ways to engage socially with my every day life. 

What do you think about Social Media? Love? Hate? Don't really get it (I'm looking at you, coworkers!)

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  1. I love some parts of it, but I find that if I have too many sites going at once, it becomes too big of a time suck.

    We experimented with iPads at the school I was teaching at this year with grade 7 - 9 students, and I think it was a mixed experience. The iPads solved some problems and allowed us to do cool things, but then it is one more thing to kick the kids off of and monitor when you don't want them using it (as I usually didn't in drama class).


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