Saturday, June 30, 2012

St. Joseph County Fair

For the N-boy's first day home I suggested we spend some time at the St. Joseph County 4-H Fair.  I'd never been to a 4-H Fair until we moved here, but now I've gone every summer. 

The fair actually opened today, which apparently meant that almost none of the animals were in yet. Although the pigs were in, and we did get attacked by a wild boar almost run over by a very unhappy piggy who did not want to go into his little pen. So although that was a little disappointing, there were animals in the petting zoo area. 

A goat!! He looks suspect...

Pretty sure we need to get chickens. Don't tell the N-Boy that's my new plan.

Note this is not the wild boar tame piggy that tried to run us down. 

The only thing cuter than a llama is a baby llama.

Skee Ball. The midway game of champions. 

The candy prize for Skee Ball champions.

And then there were ducks. I REALLY want ducks in the office now. 

We also spent a little time just walking around, taking in the festive summer atmosphere before splitting a lemon shake up on the way back to the car. One of our shorter trips to the fair, but it was the only day we could go so I'm happy we were able to. 

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  1. This is Bob the Goat. Baaaaa, how may I direct your call?


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