Monday, August 20, 2012

End of the Retreat and Orientation fun.

It's really hard to believe that the August 2012 leadership retreat and new student orientation really are over. It seems like we've been planning them for forever and now they're just done. Here are a few random pictures of the festive fun. 

How cute is this. It was on one of the my Duckling's shirt. 

Challenge course at the retreat.

Two of my little ducklings!

Another part of the challenge course. 
 I woke up the last morning to discover one of the Ducklings had organized all of our individual mailbox bags and drawn a map. Including a "you are here" marker. A Duckling after my own heart.

First day of Orientation. Ready to go! Maybe. 

Prepping the Health Services area.

We even let them eat! Lunch break!
 Last event of orientation. Dancing the jig with the Leprechaun. 

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