Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mail and Key Rack.

We have a problem with flat surfaces in our house. They seem to be a magnet for EVERYTHING. The built in cabinet and shelving unit that's in our living room, right by the front door is especially problematic. Mail, photos, ads, library books, pens, wallets, phone, receipts, cash-you name it, it ends up there. As part of our major decluttering effort that we've been undertaking since the N-boy arrived home we've been trying to clear it off and make it look nicer.

The first step was to clear off the shelves of all the random and haphazardly piled books. But we still had to deal with the problem of mail, receipts and keys. We spent some time looking around on Etsy and Pinterest to get some ideas (domesticity at it's finest here people) figured out a rough idea of what we wanted. 

Then, during my festive evening out with Andy, I found this little guy in the dollar spot. 
The N-boy loved it. So from there we headed out to Meijer, Target and finally Michael's to see if we could put something together. We ended with up a picture frame, chalkboard paint, three drawer pulls and this cute little wooden conversation bubble.

A little spray paint and glue and we got here. 

Here's the final product! We're super happy with how it turned out and so far it seems to be working great. Each day when I come home and hang up my keys there's a new message waiting for me from the N-boy, and sometimes the owl's eyes move to look somewhere else!

Next up... we continue to work on the entry way. We're looking to better corral our sunglasses, coats and bags.

Do you have any creative ideas to organize your entry way? 

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