Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The Momcat and Daddo flew out to visit BabyBrother today. He moved from Chicago to San Francisco in January for a new job. The new job part was pretty awesome but I miss having him just a train ride away in Chicago. I'm not sure what all they're doing during the visit (other than meeting BabyBrother's girlfriend(!!) who has already joined family Google+ Hangouts), but I'm sure it will be super fun. Pretty jealous I'm stuck at work and missing family adventure time.

BabyBrother and I at Christmas. Let's not ask why we were showing off our muscles. Or lack there of for some of us. 

Daddo, BabyBrother and the Momcat hiking in Colorado a few years ago. Without me. 

Have a good time, family, and take lots of pictures! 

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