Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dinner and a flamingo.

So I went to dinner last night with a friend while the N-boy went to a historian graduate student get together at a bar. I'm super happy that he's connecting with more of the budding historians here in town, and even happier that I was able to make plans to go out with a friend on my own! It's been a little hard with him home not because the two of us WANT to be attached at the hip, but that other seem to assume we are. And while we appreciate the thought that we might want some time together, it's been a very very rough adjustment for both of us and some time with our own friends alone is super. (Hint hint friends who are reading this.)

My friend Andy and I have developed a great little routine. First we go to dinner. Then we hit LOFT and Sephora at the mall, and finally we end up at Target. It's perfect. We eat lots of food, we buy cute clothes and fun perfume and we go nuts in the dollar spot.

Last time we went out we used a Groupon to go to Temper Grill.

"Why yes, I do like cheese that has been set on fire," says Andy.

Caprese Salad Stack. 

Last night we tried a new to us restaurant, Cosimo and Susie's. It was really dark inside the restaurant so there are no pictures, but we did both enjoy yummy Italian food. She had the vegetarian lasagna and I had the meat lasagna and we both ordered the full order so we'd have leftover to take home with us. Andy was worried that we'd get the takeout containers mixed up, so she marked hers with an "A." Not to be outdone, I drew a flamingo on mine. When the N-boy saw it he thought I was nuts and possibly a little over the top.

How could a flamingo ever be over the top? 

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