Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fish Ladder of Fun.

We've had a full week now back in town. Luckily the weather has cooled off slighty after the heat wave and we've been able to get outside and not melt into a sticky puddle of goo. We went for several walks this last week, enjoying the beautiful path that runs along the river. 

A sculpture, the dam and the South Bend Museum of Art. 

This week we also discovered the Fish Ladder. 
I had absolutely no idea that such a thing as a fish ladder existed until the N-boy pointed it out during one of our walks earlier this week. From what he knew, the fishies swim upstream through the ladder since they can't swim up over the dam in the above picture. Personally, I'm just impressed that the fish can swim upstream. And that the N-boy had that random piece of knowledge.

The sign is less than helpful for the fish ladder novices among us. 

This sign seemed more useful. Fishing in the fish ladder is cheating. 

Does your town have random, yes amusing, things like this? 

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