Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Road Trip-Thursday

Thursday morning we said good bye to Green Bay and started out on the long drive down to St. Louis to meet our new niece for the first time!

We took a lunch break at Wendy's, where we found these old school phones in each booth. 
The action! 

Because you can't go to Wendy's and not get a Frosty. 

After about eight long hours in the car we arrived in babyland! Little niece is even more adorable than I thought was possible. She seemed quite pleased with the presents we brought her, including the pictured Eeyore that the N-boy brought back from Russia.

The ears are even adjustable! 

Винни Пух и своего друзья 
(Winnie the Poor and his Friends)

After present and baby snuggle time we headed out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, where the true nature of the brothers came out. If the third brother would have been there it would have been too much festiveness to handle.

Adventures at dinner wore some of us out, and we crashed on the couch back at the house. 

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