Sunday, July 22, 2012

Silverhawks baseball game.

So after our failed attempt to go to a game on Friday night we made it last night for the Silverhawks verus the Peoria Chiefs.

Swoop. He's a little creepy. 

We're a little creepy too. 

It turned out to be a beautiful night for a game-not too hot. It was also nice that the stadium wasn't too crowded. And that the Silverhawks won. 

It was also a good night for yummy ballpark food.

I'm not actually sure why the N-boy likes going to games with me. I get rather distracted and don't always pay the most attention to the game. I have lots of fun, but it just doesn't hold my attention the same way that hockey does. 

The below look is either right after I started my tirade (again) about why I think that the RBI statistic is stupid (Think about it-they get credit for the guys who are already on the bases. Which really comes down to how good the coach is at lining up the batting order). Or when we were discussing if I or one of my other coworkers would made a better war lord. 

I feel sorry for him too.

Despite my random observations at the game, we both had a really good time and enjoyed getting out of the house on a Saturday night. It was a festive evening, and nice to do another activity from my 2012 Summer Bucket List.

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