Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap: Air Zoo.

The N-boy and I had a festive and busy weekend. We started off by each doing our own thing with colleagues and friends. Saturday brought a morning of babysitting adorable children followed by a little DIY adventure.

Sunday, however, I planned a secret day of adventure for us. I didn't tell the N-boy where we were going at all, but just gave him directions step by step in the car. We headed north into Michigan where our first stop was a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called fuel for lunch. More on this tasty adventure tomorrow.

Our next stop was the Kalamazoo Air Zoo. I wasn't really sure what to expect going into the zoo, but since I knew the N-boy (and his brothers for that matter) are interested in planes I hoped it would be fun.

There were three levels of tickets: $8, $12, and $15. We decided to go with the $15 tickets as that would grant us unlimited access to the entire museum, including the various movies, rides and flight simulators. 

This ticket package was definitely a good decision. The planes were very nifty, although I was definitely a bit disappointed in the space section-it didn't seem to be organized well and there was no natural flow. But the various rides and simulators were definitely the highlight for me. Especially the flight simulator where we made the plane go upside down! 

A very small man in front of a very large world. 


Hot air balloon ride! 

Very large sneaky plane. Don't ask me what its real name is. 

We ended the adventure with a stop at the Root Beer Stand

All root beer should be served on a tray that attaches to my car. 

It was a super fun day, and a great end to a busy weekend.

Did you do anything particularly festive this weekend?

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