Sunday, July 29, 2012

Light Saber Attack.

We spent Saturday morning this weekend babysitting the kids of one of our friends. And their dog, Natasha. It should be noted here that we are cat people. Dogs kind of scare me. Especially large dogs. Luckily, however, the N-boy likes dogs in addition to cats and was excited to have the chance to engage in a game of tug-o-war.

The N-boy didn't have a chance. 

"What? I'm a cute little puppy!" says the dog the size of a small pony. 

In the meantime, I supervised wii baseball.  

The best moment, however, is when we went outside to play light saber. Well for some of us to play light saber. 

Light Saber Attack.

 What this picture doesn't show is two seconds later the teeny tiny dog escaping from across the street and running over to us, first jumping on Natasha who of course went crazy and managed to knock one child over, while the other one ran onto the porch. Of course then teeny tiny dog followed her to the porch. Sine the dog was approximately the size of a teacup, it was fine, but a little but crazy for a few minutes. 

Clearly a highly festive morning for all. We celebrated a successful babysitting adventure with Sonic. 

Oh Sonic. We love you. 

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