Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Potowatomi Zoo.

Last Sunday morning the N-boy and I headed out to do one of the items on my our 2012 Summer Bucket list: the Potawatomi Zoo. We live within walking distance, so we just headed out the front door and got there within half an hour of opening. 

There were several highlights of our adventure. The most obvious, of course, were the flamingos. 

Don't you think this one wants to come home with me?

Or I could take the whole flock. 

I also insisted on going into the petting zoo. 

Eying the goat to make sure he was safe. 

Mr. Goat is my friend. 

There were LOTS of tortoises. Which seemed random, but made the N-boy happy. 

The coolest thing by far (after the flamingos, of course) was seeing the lion roar! It wasn't at all like I expected but was still highly festive. It was fun because we can hear the lion roar from our house, so it was really cool to see him do it in person. There were actually two lions in the enclosure and this one started roaring first, and then the other one started in. A little lion duet. 


We were at the zoo for about two hours, and both agreed that it was worth the $8/person admission fee. It was definitely fun, and the zoo was pretty good for a town the size of South Bend. 

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  1. We LOVE the zoo! The thing to know though, is that the lions will spray if you are too close.


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